Marvellous Marylebone


Marylebone was developed during the regency period, and the pace quickened with the building of the New Road, now called the Marylebone Road. There are many fine examples of buildings from this period with later additions that are classically Victorian. It was during the latter half the 19th century that it’s most famous resident, Sherlock Holmes, took lodgings at 221b Baker Street. This street became famous during the 2nd World War when it became the home to the SOE who ran many covert operations in Europe.


Baker street was also where the Beetles opened their ill fated Apple Store. The fab four are closely connected with Marylebone. They lived there, they got married there, they worked there, and were arrested there.


To the east is the medical area where Florence Nightingale worked before she became famous serving in the Crimean war. Other places to visit is the home of BBC news with its classic art deco offices built in 1928, which stands a little further south from the stripped classical building which is the home of the Royal Institute of British Architects.


Finally there is Manchester Square, arguably the prettiest of the five squares that occupy the area. This is where one of the hidden jewels exit. In first decade of the 20th Century the nation acquired Wallace Collection, without doubt the greatest gift that any single individual has left his country.

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