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My name is Liam King-Spooner, I am a Londoner born and raised as were generations of my family.


My passion for the history and culture of this great city has been lifelong.


I would like to show you some of its sights and its places, in the footsteps of people long dead, famous and forgotten, who walked the same streets and alleyways, among the same churches and pubs. 


My name is Dominic and I am a qualified Westminster City guide


If you love buildings and are passionate about their history and the people who lived in them, I am the guide for you.


In London, the very nature of the architecture and the layout of streets, nooks and crannies takes you on a journey of London’s history and inhabitants.


I know stories about the passions, eccentricities and foibles

of famous, infamous and relatively unknown personalities,

which bring the city to life.

I will open your eyes to see things you would never notice on any other tour.


London will never seem the same again.


My name is Joe, I am a London  tour guide and former London cabbie of 27 years.
My love for London is never ending,
I enjoy meeting people, and sharing my knowledge,  history, fun facts and current affairs of our great city. 
If you come on any of our tours you won't be disappointed. 

Hello, my name is Robert.


Come on an entertaining and informative tour with me.

So much to show you !
London is one of the great cities of the world, once capital of Roman Britain, now a global financial centre. Medieval lanes, museums, hidden alleys, cutting edge modern architecture, beautiful churches, St Paul’s Cathedral and limitless literary associations characterise The City of London: the ‘Square Mile’, a unique business area.


And in Westminster, Westminster Abbey, Government and Royalty are a focus of interest.
As a blue badged guide, I learned to unravel London with organised enthusiasm !
For Tudor History, how about Hampton Court Palace, or further afield the dreaming spires of Oxford and its colleges. And in London I could show you The Tower of London, with its Crown Jewels, ravens and execution site.


Then perhaps take a break in a typical English pub andafterwards explore street art in the East End. Or see London from a different perspective with a cruise on the River Thames.
Join me on a bespoke tour and do London differently!


My name is Tabea and I am originally from Germany but fell in Love with London and decided to stay here.


I went on a couple of Liam's walks and was impressed by his knowledge and inspired to join the company as I have worked as a Tour Guide before.


I love exploring the city and show people not only the historically important and iconic places but also the hidden treasures and unknown corners of London.


I have lived already in different cities all over Europe but none has been so rich in culture and history as this one.

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